Participation Charges
Participation Charges
Space Type Inclusions Minimum Space Indian Exhibitors
(Indoor Space per Sq m)
International Exhibitors
(Indoor Space per Sq m)
Raw Space 36 sqm INR 4,800/- USD 156 per sqm
Shell Scheme Space Back and Side walls height 2.44 meter, 1 counter, 2 chair, 3 spotlights, 1 power outlet (5 amo), 1 waste bin, carpet, fascia. 9 sqm INR 6,000/- USD 180 per sqm
Electricity Charges Raw Space:
Indian Exhibitors: kilowatt (per KW) INR 4000/-
International Exhibitors: kilowatt (per KW) USD 60

Points to remember before pay participation charges :

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